Managing the Modern Household

When I was a little girl, I  used to watch my mom cook dinner, clean the house and do the chores. From a young age she had me help. I was in charge of cleaning my own bathroom and when there was company coming over I had to help windex all the mirrors and any glass around the house (we had a glass coffee table and sliding glass doors). I hated those days. I hated having to give up my television watching to help clean. What 9 or 10 year old would want to clean? But, I pretty much did whatever my mother asked of me for fear of my television privileges being taken away. She would say to me “Frances, you have to learn how do to do all of this for when you have your own house and a husband and your own kids to look after.” Then she would add, “Otherwise, you’re house will be disgusting.” LOL I love my mom.

Now, as an adult, I realize how right she was in everything she said. Maintaining a household isn’t easy. It takes constant effort to keep a clean home. Sweeping floors is a daily chore. Laundry is clean one minute and then a dirty pile magically appears within what seems like seconds. Not to mention the fact that I feed my fiance and myself (and I try to do so with healthy, yet delicious recipes), I budget our money to make sure we have enough to be able to eat and have fun (and pay all of our bills), and we both work full-time jobs. It can be exhausting – but it is not impossible. Once you learn how to do it all, it’s not that bad. I’m glad she started teaching me early, it’s made it a lot easier to grasp and find a rhythm for myself. You’ll find that it’s just like anything else that you need to learn. It gets easier with time and the sooner you start the better off you will be. Trust me.

There are a few main things you need to keep in mind when learning how to manage your household. They are as follows:

1. Cooking: Cooking is so much more than just putting something in a pan and hoping for the best. You should learn to make a weekly menu plan, how to properly shop for groceries, what recipes work for your family and everything in between. Stick around. I’ll show you how!

2. Cleaning: Like I mentioned above, it’s so important to keep a clean home. I’m not saying I’m the best at this. It’s still my least favorite thing to do, but I know it’s the most necessary. Make a schedule and stick to it. Not everything needs to be cleaned every day. Some chores are daily, others weekly and still others are monthly and bi-yearly.

3. Managing Finances: Money is an issue for everyone. Whether you make $5 per hour or $500 per hour, you have to know how to work with what you have and live within your means. I’ll show you how to make a monthly household budget and give you tips on how to stick to it.


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