My Top 10 Low Carb Foods

There are so many diets out there is so hard to keep track and each one differs from the next. Vegetarians are different from vegans.  There’s non-dairy, low sugar, gluten free. Then there’s low carb and paleo – which while similar differ just enough to not be the same.

In my opinion, eating a low-carb diet doesn’t mean completely eliminating them from your life – it just means what the name implies, eating a low amount of them. You should eat a large amount of lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey, plenty of leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables, nuts such as almonds, and non-fat dairy like cheese and yogurt*.

My top 10 go-to foods on a low-carb diet

1. Meat – all kinds of meat from beef to chicken to pork and fish. I am a carnivore at heart and will eat almost any of it. Plus meat is all protein so there are little to no carbohydrates. Take it easy on the red meat though – it can be fatty and have an adverse effect on your cholesterol.

2. Almonds – When hungry strikes mid-afternoon, my go-to snack is raw or dry roasted almonds. My favorite are these but you can try any brand that tickles your fancy. Did you know that almonds are also great for reducing belly fat? Yea. Extra point for almonds!

3. Low Fat Yogurt – I love yogurt. Eating one yogurt every day provides your body with calcium, probiotics and Vitamin D & A. You are also helping your digestive track. Be careful which yogurt you choose though – some are much higher in sugar than you may think. My favorite is Yoplait Low Fat Yogurt in any fruit flavor, but it packs 16 carbs, which I know I can handle at lunch time when pairing it with protein. If you choose a greek yogurt, you’re getting added protein at the same time.

4. Sweet Potato – Technically this isn’t a low-carb food (though it is Paleo), but I find that since sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate that it digests so much more slowly it doesn’t raise my blood sugar too much. If you are watching your blood sugar as I am, be careful with this one and eat it only in moderate amounts. I love to make chips out of sweet potatoes {another post coming soon on how to get them nice and crispy}.

5. Cauliflower – In case you hadn’t already noticed, cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables to eat. It is the chamelion of the vegetables – taking on different forms and tastes. I love that it’s low carb and can be anything from mashed “potatoes” to “rice” to soup.

6. Cabbage – I never thought I’d like cabbage as much as I do. It’s so wonderful to sautee with other veggies and some meat. It bulks up your meals without adding a bunch of carbohydrates. I love frying an egg and placing it on the cooked cabbage and having the yolk run out over top. Mmmm Mmm Good.

7. Zucchini – Zucchini has been a lifesaver on my low carb diet. I love spaghetti with meatballs but obviously, spaghetti is way out of the picture when eating low-carb. Enter zucchini. It takes the place of spaghetti, lasagna, basically any pasta and pairs fantastically with marinara sauce and meat. Even my carb loving fiance said he didn’t miss the spaghetti at all!

8. Sugar Free Jello – I know this technically shouldn’t be on the list, but it’s been so great for me. Having to give up all of my sugary treats was hard, but being able to have one sugar free jello {with some low fat whipped cream} has really helped me get through my sugar cravings.

9. Green Tea – I read through various sources that drinking one to two glasses of green tea per day will really help to lower blood sugar. I found that not only did it help to reduce my blood sugar, but if I drink some when I feel hungry, then it fills me up without eating any unnecessary carbs. Also, since soda is a big no-no on low-carb diets, this is a great alternative to water.

10. Peppers – Red, green, yellow and orange. I’ve learned to embrace every shade of pepper and start using them in my recipes. A food that I once hated, has now turned into a weekly shopping trip staple. I eat them raw with salsa in place of chips, cook them up as a colorful side dish or chop them up and put them in various recipes.

There you have it! My top ten favorite low-carb foods. Have you tried any of these in your every day diet? Want to see how I use these foods in recipes? Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Is there a specific recipe that you want to see? Email me:!

*I’m not a doctor nor a dietician. I am just speaking from my own experiences. If you have concerns please see your doctor or dietician for a plan that works for you.

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