Cauliflower Soup

Have I mentioned how much I love cauliflower [here and here]? Here’s yet another recipe using the chameleon of the vegetable world.

One of my favorite soups is loaded baked potato. I never ate it much because of my aversion to dairy, and now I can’t eat it because of my diabetes. I can, however, eat cauliflower soup which tastes almost identical {if not better because it’s healthier} than potato soup!


Cauliflower Soup

What’ you’ll need:

3 strips of bacon

1/2 head of cauliflower, chopped

1 stalk of celery

2 medium carrots {or 5-6 baby carrots}

1/4 large onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

splash of white wine

2-3 dashes of hot sauce

2 cups of chicken broth

1 cup of beef broth {you can use another cup of chicken broth}

1 cup of almond milk {or regular milk if you prefer}

shredded cheddar cheese

1 tablespoon of flour

salt and pepper to taste

This is kind of a long process, but don’t let it intimidate you! It’s super easy.

1. Start chopping and gathering your meis en plas. Get your large soup pot on your stove and start heating over medium temperature.

2. Add your bacon to your pot and cook over medium heat until crispy. You may need to add some olive oil if your bacon is not rendering enough fat {as was my case}.

3. Once your bacon is fully cooked, remove with a slotted spoon and place on a paper towel lined plate. Set aside for later. Remove all but 1 tablespoon worth of fat from your pot.

4. Add in your vegetables {carrots, celery, onion and garlic} and cook over medium – low heat until the carrots are soft and the onions are translucent.

5. Add your splash of wine. This step is optional, but the alcohol will cook out and in the process will lift up any stuck bits of flavor that are hanging out at the bottom. Let this reduce for about 1 minute.

6. Add in your 2 cups of chicken broth. Add in your hot sauce. Let simmer and then add in your cauliflower. Cover and let simmer over medium to medium low heat for about 7 minutes. Take this time to clean up any mess you have left over from your veggies.

7. Once your cauliflower is tender, use your immersion blender and mix everything thoroughly. This may take a few minutes. You want your soup to be smooth so make sure you get all of the chunks out of there.

8. Now it’s time to add in your beef broth and almond milk {or their counterparts}. Let your soup simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

9. At this point I also added in some freshly grated Parmesan cheese just because I had some on hand. I also noticed that my soup wasn’t thickening up the way I wanted it to, so I went ahead and added 1 tablespoon of flour. Use your judgement with this. If you do add in your flour, make sure to stir it vigorously so that it does not form any clumps.

10. You soup should simmer for a about 20 minutes. When you are ready to serve, get your bacon and cheddar cheese handy. These are your delicious toppings for your soup. Now you can just sit back and enjoy your low-carb creation.

Did you notice I didn’t mention the salt and pepper anywhere in the steps? That’s because you should be adding salt and pepper to your dish every time you add a new ingredient {that goes for all dishes}. Be aware of the other ingredients you are using and taste as you go along. You should have a perfectly seasoned dish every time!

Is there another recipe you’d like to see on Quarter Past Normal? Need some more direction? Email me:

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