Preparing Your Grocery List

As a kid, my mom would always give me the task of writing down the grocery list. I didn’t like it very much back then and I’m still not fond of it now. I have come up with a system though that makes it so much easier for me and can make it easier for you too.

Take the following steps, and you’ll be so much more organized and prepared for your grocery day.

Check your pantry. What do you already have on hand? Is there anything you can make for the week that you may just be missing a few ingredients for? Write it down.

Check your store circulars. I write down {or if your store has a function where you can click on the items and create a list as you go, do that!} what I need or would like from the store. Then compare with what I already have. I then make a meal plan for the week with this. I write down recipes that I’ve made a dozen times and ones that I’ve been wanting to try. Make the most of the sales. Is bagged salad on sale? Get a couple bags and make salad topped with grilled chicken. Don’t complicate your life.

Check your pantry. Again. Now that you know what you’re going to make for the week, double check to see if you are missing anything. Check your seasonings, check your condiments. Be thorough. No one wants to make hamburgers and then realize that they’re out of ketchup or mustard. I like to have recipe cards with all the ingredients I need for each recipe. It helps, especially if I’m making something new.

Organize. Now it’s time to organize your list. I like to put like items together and put them in the order that I would normally walk through the store. I find that it saves time and is a lot easier to not miss any items.

Clip Your Coupons. Check your coupon stash to see if anything matches up for the week. Do your best to match coupons. If you want to save even more, check online sources for coupons.

Ready. Set. Shop. Pick a day when you are not rushed and when you know that your store will be relatively quiet. I like to go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. I know I have time to check my list, compare prices, read labels and match coupons without being afraid that I’m in someone’s way. Make sure you take your coupons with you. Sometimes there are unadvertised sales in the store that you may be able to add to your list or switch with something else.

Making your grocery list shouldn’t be stressful. You know your family and what you usually drink and eat and what you’re running low on. As long as you’re organized and flexible, your grocery list should make your shopping experience a breeze.

Do you have any tips on how to compile a grocery list? Let me know in the comments below!

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