Pulled Pork and Slaw Tacos

I was going to call these awesomesauce tacos because they are 1) Awesomesauce and 2) have an awesome sauce. I figured no one would know what the heck that meant though, so Pulled Pork and Slaw Tacos it is.

I found a recipe similar to this on Pinterest a few months ago and I always wanted to try it. When I was going through our freezer this week to decide what to have for dinner this weekend I found that we had pork, cabbage and taco shells. I decided to make this recipe my own – and that I did.

Pulled Pork and Slaw Tacos

Pulled Pork and Slaw Tacos (aka Awesomesauce Tacos)

For the Pork:

1 2-3 lb pork tenderloin

1/4 – 1/3 cup barbeque sauce

a dash of worchestershire

a dash of hot sauce

a dash of soy sauce

1/2 onion diced

salt and pepper

For the Slaw:

1/3 head of cabbage (I had a really large cabbage, if you have a smaller one then use 1/2)

1 carrot, shredded or julienne with a mandolin

2 tbsp mayonnaise {you can use more or less depending on how you like your slaw}

1/2 tbsp ground fresh chili paste

1 tsp white sugar

2 tsp lime juice

1/2 tbsp rice vinegar

2 cloves of garlic, minced {I used this instead of mincing the garlic myself. It was much easier}

3 tbsp fresh cilantro

1 stalk green onion {you can use red instead if you prefer}

salt and pepper to taste


1. In the morning get your crock pot set up and place your pork inside. Set the temperature to low but do not cover yet. Make you sauce by combining the barbeque, soy, Worcestershire and hot sauces in a small bowl with your chopped onion. Whisk together. Add about 2 tablespoons of water if you feel that your sauce is too thick. Cover and let cook on low for 7-8 hours.

2. About 1 hour before you’re ready to eat, gather your meas en plas for your slaw. Chop and wash your cabbage and place in a large bowl. With your mandolin {and steel glove} julienne one carrot and put in with the cabbage. Add your onions to the carrot and cabbage.

3. In a separate medium bowl combine all other ingredients except the salt and pepper. Pour your mixture in with the cabbage, carrots and onions. Mix together with a spoon until your sauce has been fully incorporated. Salt and pepper to taste.

4. At this point, your pork should be done {you should be able to pull it apart with just a fork} and your slaw should be ready. If you are not ready to eat, set the pork on warm and put the slaw in the fridge for later. If you are ready, all that’s left is assembly. We ate ours with avocado on top and it was divine.

If you try this recipe, please send me a picture or tag me on instagram {@francesm13} I’d love to see how yours turned out!



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