The Differences Between Breads

White Bread – White bread is made using refined flour, which means that the wheat has been striped of it’s germ and bran which in turn means it has lost all nutritional value. White bread turns to sugar fastest and causes the most blood sugar spikes. It’s also the least nutrient based bread with a lot of “empty” carbs. If you are not diabetic or insulin resistant, then try to indulge in this bread only sporadically.

Wheat Bread – This one is a little tricky as it can sometimes be mislabeled and said to be “wheat flour” when in fact it is just white flour disguised as wheat. I’d skip this product all together unless it’s coming directly from a bakery.

Whole-Wheat Bread – Is made by using flour that has been mashed using the whole grain of the wheat. It is often mixed with lighter white flour and although is better for you than white or wheat bread, it’s still not the best. Choose this one over the other two though for more nutrients and better fiber content.

Whole Grain Bread – This means that the WHOLE grain is being used. You are getting the germ, bran and endosperm – 100% of the kernal of wheat. This is excellent because you are getting the most nutrients possible. Make sure that when reading ingredient labels, whole grain is listed as the first or second ingredient and is not followed by a parenthesis of other bad stuff. There are many different types of whole grains out there, not just found in bread!

Multi-Grain Bread –  In this kind of bread there is more than one whole grain present. This is my favorite kind of bread because it has the most nutrients and takes the longest to be absorbed as glucose into the blood stream. You get the most fiber out of this one too.

Here are some examples of whole grains:

Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Oats, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Bulgur, Wild Rice


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