Hookless Shower Curtain Review

I know it seems like this blog is mostly about food, and that’s probably because it is – but it’s also about the modern household. So, occasionally you’ll find things on here that will help better your household. Today it’s a review on the Hookless shower curtain.

A few weeks ago, before our wedding guests arrived, I went into a cleaning frenzy and decided that our shower liner was done for and our curtain needed a good bleaching. I got a cheap-o shower liner at the dollar store as a temporary place-holder until we figured out what we were going to do about a curtain.

Fast forward 4 weeks, after we were back from our honeymoon and still showering with just the cheap-o dollar store liner sans actual curtain. We decided we’d had enough and went to Bed Bath and Beyond with a gift card in hand. We decided we were also done with hooks and wanted to see if we could find a shower curtain like the one we had enjoyed on our honeymoon. Hook Less. While my husband lounged around in the Bed section of the store, I headed straight for the Bath and found what we had hoped existed. A white hook less shower curtain for just $39.


It took us another week to get it up in the bathroom {we are busy people!} but once we did it was amazing. There’s no hooks, so it slides incredible smooth. It has a built in cloth liner that snaps in with button and there’s a mesh, translucent panel at head level so that you can see through the curtain {avoiding any fear of phsycho scenes}. This panel also helps with letting light in to the shower area since we don’t have one in there and don’t have a window either.

The curtain has a sleek white look that feels crisp and makes our dark bathroom a little more airy. we really love not having to deal with those metal hooks anymore. They always seemed to be getting stuck on the tension rod and would make sliding the curtain very annoying. We no longer have that problem as the hookless curtain is so much easier to slide, and does not get stuck!

Putting the curtain up was also a lot easier than conventional curtains. It has slits in the rings and the curtain to make it easier to get onto the rod. I do recommend either using a step stool or someone taller than 5’3″ to help you though!

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