Tuna Lettuce Wraps

For as long as I can remember, lunch has always been the neglected meal. Breakfast has its eggs and toast, dinner is usually full of options, but lunch has always been just the meal to get you through the day. Lunch doesn’t have to be boring though. It can be creative and healthy and delicious.

I love to eat healthy at lunch. I do not like the feeling of going back to work feeling groggy and sleepy after eating too heavy of a meal. One of my favorite staples for lunch is tuna. I love all things from the sea and tuna is easy, inexpensive, delicious and good for you!

Pre-diabetes I would eat tuna on crackers or as a sandwich. Afterwards I had to get creative – eat it with carrots and celery or red peppers.

Then I made my chicken lettuce wraps and decided that it would be a good idea to try it with tuna for lunch.

It was a great idea! It was so good and delicious and refreshing – I may just eat my tuna like that every time. Plus it’s like ridiculously easy.



1 can of tuna of your choice

1.5 tablespoons of mayo

1 large leaf of iceberg lettuce

cucumber {optional but so good}

tomato {optional but so good}

olives {optional}

salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix your tuna with may and salt and pepper.

2. Cut your veggies and wash your lettuce.

3. Place your veggies in your lettuce and then place your tuna in there as well.

4. Enjoy!

Happy Cooking!

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